Opening mid-August!

Farm Fun!


One thing the weather hasn't hurt is our hay rides! You'll love the beautiful rolling fields and the fresh air this fall! Choose a  pumpkin on your way back and shuck some of your own popcorn to complete your day at the farm.


This season has been a real challenge! While most farmers got their corn planted before the wet weather set in, the corn maze planting is on a different schedule. We like to plant in late May so the corn is still green when our visitors come. Once that rain set in, we just couldn't get in the field to plant so there is no corn maze this season. We are sorry. We sure hope the weather cooperates better next year!


Another impact of this season's weather is on the quality of our apples. We got a bad hailstorm in mid June that caused quite a bit of damage. But, remember— half the fun is getting out for an adventure so even though the apples aren't winning any beauty contests this year, you will still find fun in the orchard!

Each variety has a different season so our staff will help you find the right place to pick the best fruit. You can learn more about varieties here.

A limited supply of wagons is available for families with small children or for those who plan to pick a lot!

Pick-your-own apples $2/lb.


We've got pumpkins for the first time this season! Mini gourds, pie pumpkins, jack 'o lantern pumpkins.